Thursday, March 15, 2012

Joshua Ledet - When A Man Love's A Woman (Perfect Performance)

Perfect. In arguably American Idol's greatest singing performance, Joshua "Crawfish" Ledet had his "moment" Wednesday night with his rendition of the Percy Sledge (1966) and Michael Bolten (1991) hit, "When A Man Love's A Woman."

During rehearsals...

"Joshua came a long way this week. I believe every second of him. I felt like I was in his house." - Jimmy Iovine

"America's in for a treat tonight. I can't wait to see Joshua perform. He's gonna tear the roof down... in a nice way, 'cause his mama's gonna whoop his butt if he tears it down." -

After the performance...

"Joshua, man that was so good we were up half way through it. What do you think Randy? There's almost no words for that. Almost no words..." - Steven Tyler

"Yo,listen man. We got some amazing singers this year and we've been saying all night, me, Steven, and Jennifer like, 'Yo, we need a moment tonight. Somebody needs to come out here and blow it out the box! Somebody... somebody, needs to come out here and regulate.' Joshua Ledet, that was phenomenal, incredible on every level. I think, I think, I think..." - Randy Jackson

"No! The best thing I've ever seen on American Idol. The best thing I have every seen! Amazing!" - Jennifer Lopez

"Dude, crazy! Crazy dude, crazy good! My God!" - Randy Jackson

"I'm so excited right now, it's crazy!" - Jennifer Lopez

"You know what made this vocal special, Ryan. The fact that me and you were in New Orleans and we brought back that crawfish. That what did it! It's that crawfish he was singing for!" - Randy Jackson

"You gave it up so big, God came through your eyes, man. That was just the most beautiful performance I've ever seen. And the notes! Oh man! You're a great singer Joshua, great singer." - Steven Tyler

"Wow! I can't stop saying 'Wow!' Stop me, Ryan! I can't stop!" - Jennifer Lopez

"Percy Sledge... Percy Sledge who originally did that song is somewhere very proud and happy." - Randy Jackson

"Well Joshua, I, this is, honestly this is one of those moments where I'm sitting here thinking... Maybe we never go to commercial. May-Maybe we just-Maybe we just have an appetizer, relax, and stay here until tomorrow." - Ryan Seacrest


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