Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rihanna - Where Have You Been (Produced by Dr. Luke, Cirkut, and Calvin Harris)

Tempo: 128 bpm
Length: 4:02
Key: C Minor

Main Chords: 8 bar loop
Cm Ab or i VI

Verse 1: 8 bars
Pre-Hook: 16 bars
Hook: 8 bars
Refrain Build-up: 8 bars
Instrumental Chorus: 8 bars
Verse 2: 8 bars
Pre-Hook: 16 bars
Hook: 8 bars
Extended Hook: 8 bars
Bridge: 8 bars
Pre-Outro: 8 bars
Outro: 8 bars

Written By: Ester Dean, Lukasz Gottwald, Calvin Harris, Henry Walter, and Geoff Mack
Billboard Hot 100: 65

[1] The last 1/4 of the 8th bar of Verse 1 has an Am Chord
[2] 2nd half of Pre-Hook/Hook/Refrain Build-up Chords:
Cm Ab Cm7 or i VI i7 (Not including Bass Notes)
[3] Instrumental Chorus/Verse 2: Lead Melody based around the Cm (i) portion of the song
[4] Verse 1, Verse 2, and Outro are the same

Song and Hardwell Remix after the jump...

Rihanna Where Have You Been (Hardwell Club Mix)

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