Monday, April 16, 2012

T. Mills - Vans On (Produced by Omen and Audio Blk of EMO)

T. Mills is an American rapper from Riverside, California.

Tempo: 80 bpm
Length: 2:57
Key: F# Major

Transition (2 bars before Hook): 2 bar loop
F# E#m or I vii

Hook/Verse: 2 bar loop (Last chord omitted from the very end of Hook)
F# E#m D#m A#9sus G#9sus or I vii vi III9sus II9sus

Intro: 2 bars
Hook:: 8 bars
Verse 1: 16 bars
Hook:: 8 bars
Verse 2: 16 bars
Hook: 8 bars

Written By: N/A
Billboard Hot 100: N/A

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