Monday, April 2, 2012

Diggy Simmons - Do It Like You (feat. Jeremih) (Produced by Pop Wansel)

Tempo: 75.5 bpm (or 151 bpm and all bars doubled)
Length: 3:53
Key: E Minor

Chords: 4 bar loop
Em7 D/A A11/D# D D11/G Em7 F#m7 G Bsus/F#
i7 VII IV11 VII VII11 i7 ii7 III Vsus

Hook: 8 bars
Verse 1: 16 bars
Hook: 8 bars
Verse 2: 16 bars
Hook: 16 bars
Outro: 8 bars

Written By: N/A
Billboard Hot 100: 80

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