Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You (Produced by Ryan Tedder)

Tempo: 71.075 bpm
Length: 3:38
Key: Bb Major

Intro/Verse/Refrain/Outro: 2 bar loop
Bb Cm Gm F or I ii vi V

Verse End: 1 bar loop
Eb or IV
Eb rest or IV rest (2nd time)

Hook: 4 bar loop
Bb Eb Gm F Eb or I IV vi V IV

Hook End: 1 bar loop
Gm rest or vi rest

Bridge: 2 bar loop
Gm F Bb Eb or vi V I IV
*The end of the Bridge is a 1 bar loop and omits the last two chords

Intro: 4 bars
Verse 1: 8+1 bars
Hook: 8+1 bars
Refrain: 2 bars
Verse 2: 8+2 bars
Hook: 8+1 bars
Bridge: 6+1 bars
Hook: 8+1 bars
Outro: 4 bars

Written By: Gavin DeGraw and Ryan Tedder
Billboard Hot 100: 18

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